What is involved in
pre-arranging a funeral?

Should I pre-pay
my funeral?

How do obituary notices
get placed in newspapers?

Will the funeral home help order flowers?

Reception Room




How do I arrange the music?

Can Graves be purchased in advance?



What can be done with cremated remains?


When a family or individual pre-arranges a funeral, the funeral director gathers all the information similar to when a death has actually occurred. There is an Information For Pre-Arranged Funeral Form available upon request that details the information we require. Once the form is completed, independently or with a funeral director, we keep it on file in our office. You will have a copy for your records. If any changes occur, such as address, marital status, etc., please notify us so our files will be up to date.

Pre-arranging your funeral is the first and more important step. Then you may choose to pre-pay what you have arranged. A decision to pre-pay should be based solely on your own personal financial position. We will discuss the options with you. Any money pre-paid cannot be used by the funeral home until time of death. In accordance with the Funeral Director's Establishment Act, the money is invested at a chartered financial institution and held in trust where it collects interest until time of death. The interest that accumulates is used to cover any increase in the cost of the funeral. Any amount remaining after all funeral expenses have been paid is returned to the estate.


We assist in writing the obituary with the help of family members and place the notice in requested newspapers. The cost of the notice will be included in pre-payment. The invoice from the paper will be sent to the funeral home and we will pay it as a disbursement.

Most newspapers will accept obituary notices only from funeral homes.


We can order flowers for your family, or you may order flowers at whatever florist you request, and the florist will invoice us.


Reception at the funeral home (if available) or Knox Presbyterian Hall. Caterers usually provide sandwiches, relishes, deserts and beverages for visitors. We also arrange with family church for reception if desired.


With Pre-paid guaranteed contracts, the discount is applied only at the time of purchase.


Charges for newspapers, flowers, minister, etc. will be charged at the exact same cost as were charged to the funeral home.


The organist fee for a service in the funeral home chapel. Fees may vary at churches.


It is good to think about special music, a soloist, piper, etc. and include your preference on the pre-arrangement form. Our staff organist is always available for services in our chapel and on occasion, will play in a church if the regular organist is not available. If the service is being held in a church, the clergy and family normally make arrangements for the organist. The cost of our staff organist or the church organist can be included in the pre-payment.

What if I don't have a car to get to and from the funeral home or church?
At no additional cost, we will provide transportation for family to and/or from the funeral home or church.

How do I select an organization for charitable donations?
Donations are usually arranged through the funeral home. We prepare cards for each in memoriam donation made, including the selected charity and the donor's name and address. These cards are a permanent record for family members and a help in sending thank you cards.


Yes they can. You make an appointment with the staff at the cemetery of your choice or we can arrange an appointment for you.

Most cemeteries will accept pre-payment for graves. If pre-paid, the cost of the grave is guaranteed. However, if you decide not to use the grave(s) and you want to sell it (them), most cemeteries will not refund any of the interest earned and will buy back the grave(s) at a price to be determined.

There is a fee to open and close the grave and that fee can also be pre-paid at the cemetery or funeral home. We pay the cemetery fee and include it in our invoice.


  • Elmdale
  • Holy Angel's (St. Thomas)
  • McArthur (Southwold)
  • Christ Church (Port Stanley)
  • Union
  • Sparta Cemetery
  • Fingal
  • Queen of Peace Cemetery (Aylmer)
  • St. Thomas & South Park
  • Orwell
  • Shedden
  • Aylmer Cemetery
  • Old English Church Yard (St. Thomas)


  • Woodland (London)
  • Forest Lawn (London)
  • Mount Pleasant (London)


After cremation, the remains are returned to the funeral home in a plastic container or in an urn purchased by the family. There is no legal status to cremated remains. Many families have them buried in a cemetery lot and a marker placed. Some families decide to keep the cremated remains at home; some scatter them and others return them for burial to the birthplace of the person who has died.

When deciding on the final disposition, it is important to give consideration to the surviving family members. For many people, visiting a gravesite for weeks, months, even years after the funeral is invaluable in coming to terms with their loss. A compromise may be to scatter some and bury the remainder.

Whatever is done with the cremated remains, it is important that the person responsible for their disposition is in possession of the funeral director's Proof of Death Certificate and a Certificate of Cremation that is provided by the crematorium.

Is there assistance for family members who have to travel long distance?
Most major airlines offer Compassionate Air Fares for immediate family members. Each airline defines "immediate family member" in a slightly different way and procedures and regulations vary. You may want to check with the airlines to determine their policies. Compassionate Air Fares usually reduce the price of the ticket by 35% to 40%.


If you have any other questions, please call and we will be glad to assist you.